Jens Lindemann - A Hope For The Future Video

Had the honour to be included on Jens Lindemann's new video featuring Matt Catingub's new song 'A Hope For The Future'. The video features 32 international trumpet stars from 14 countries paying tribute to global health care workers.

Click Here for Link to Video

What can I say....


What an incredible video, and for such a worthy cause. You amaze me with your talents and creative abilities. 

I think you picked me to be on this project because: 

  1. I am really old and still playing
  2. you have known me since you were a kid 
  3. I have a Bass Trumpet and you don't 
  4. my "Arban's" method book is older and in worse shape than yours! 

However my friend, I am thrilled and honoured to be a part of this with Matt, Steve, Mike, and some of my favourite Canadian and American Trumpet players. Getting to hear some of the rest of the world's players was a real treat. Great tune, great arrangement Matt! 

I think I'd better go practice now - stay safe! 


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