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Listening while you play! 

Some of you may remember me talking about the word "air" and how the lack of it was responsible for so many of the problems we have playing the trumpet. There is another word that is just as important.  " Listen". We need to really listen to ourselves.  Are we blending with the other players in our section? How is our pitch? Are we a bit sharp? A bit flat? Are we giving the lead player the support he or she needs to make our section sound great? Are we so embroiled in the reading of that charts that we forget to listen? Sometimes when I hear some people play, they seem to have turned off their ears. They seem to be interested only in how they sound and how prominent they are in the band. We are a team when we play music together. We need to listen to each other carefully . Focusing on the time, the phrasing, the pitch, and the dynamics. Important word "Listen".

Trumpet Tips #3: Talent isn't enough 

I've known some wonderfully talented players in my days, some, who never amounted to much. Everything came so easily to them. However, they didn't spend the necessary time on their horn to become a really good strong player. Talent just opens up the door. After that you have to work just as hard as the less talented.

A well organized practice routine is vital to a trumpet players growth.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice baby, practice!

Trumpet Tips #2 

When starting off playing music, take every opportunity that comes your way to play with different ensembles - in all genres. Sometimes we put the blinders on, or close our ears to styles of music that may not be our favourite to play or listen to. It's been my experience that you can learn a lot from these experiences, and if you are going to make a living in the music business, more doors will be open to you.

Also, as a trumpet player, no matter what genre of music you play, take lessons from the best Classical Trumpet player in your area - learn the fundamentals. 

Trumpet Tips #1: Trumpet books every aspiring trumpet player needs to have in their library. 

Welcome to my Trumpet Tips!

I thought I would out start out easy with my first trumpet tip and give a short list of trumpet books every aspiring trumpet player should have!

My personal favourites:

1. Arban's Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet
Clarke Studies
3. The Original Louis Maggio System for Brass : Basic & Advance Course for Trumpet


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